Dora Rozsavolgyi, 24, Budapest-Vác
  • Looking back on your life, what one thing do you attribute the most to your success?

    "I would say there are two things that attributed most to my success. The first is discipline, which was taught to me by the first man I was apprentice for when I was fourteen. His name was Adolf Cohen, or Professor Cohen to me. He said that we must have our trousers pressed along with shoes and nails cleaned daily. Now, we were in the middle of a war and sleeping down in shelters. I first wondered how the heck would I be able to do that. I quickly learned…you slept on your trousers to keep them pressed, kept some black boot polish with me and the nails would be more than clean after two shampoos. He was a disciplinarian and he really taught me discipline. I used it a lot with my staff. I often said that if we were going to develop into a craft that people admire, we must first show that we are worthy of it.

    The other thing was vision. I don’t think that anything would have happened without the vision. I was always thinking of different looks and my two top guys [Christopher Brooker and Roger Thompson] were too. We’d get together as a team and we’d sort something out that was different from the rest, because we had the vision.”

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